What we do

For investors, we offer competitive, stable returns, starting with as little as $5,000. For borrowers, we provide fast and efficient funding for real estate projects.

We have done this successfully for many years in the "old" world, and are now harnessing technology to bring the model to a larger audience.

Please Note: Our Investments are only available to Wholesale Investors. Investments are issued by Arch Finance Pty Ltd as trustee of the Arch Finance Unit Trust (AFSL 499141). Arch Finance Pty Ltd holds an Australian financial services licence and provides management and other day to day administrative and other operational services to Peer Estate in respect of the investments.
How we differ

The traditional banking model

Banks act as an intermediary between savers and borrowers. They pay interest on deposits and lend money to consumers and businesses. Banks generate income by "taking a spread" between the interest they charge on loans and that paid on savings. Given the size of their business, the fact they need to take risk on balance sheet and the infrastructure they have they take large spreads and treat many borrowers as a group rather than individual risk pricing.

the Peer Estate/Marketplace lending model

Peer Estate matches lenders with borrowers via our online platform. By allowing investors to choose their loan, we can risk price each loan and, therefore, judge each individual borrower and property on its own merits. Doing so, allows us to manage risk in line with our investors appetite and, by removing the large bank infrastructure, we can pass on these savings to our user through high investment returns. We can therefore attract capital for our borrowers.


We know
the industry

As veterans of the property finance industry, we have undertaken millions of dollars in transactions. Partly owned by one of Australia's leading real estate investment managers, we benefit from an institutional grade credit assessment system and process. Learn more about Our People.

Track record

Past investments

We have funded and managed a number of recent investments. A summary of these are provided on the Past Investments page. If you would like any further information on these or out track record, contact us.


Arch Finance Pty Ltd holds an Australian financial services license (AFSL) and is the issuer of all loan participation interests on Peer Estate. Arch Finance Pty Ltd provides management and other day to day administrative and operational advice to Peer Estate in relation to the loan interests. We take our responsibilities seriously. We have systems and processes in place to ensure compliance with all requisite industry and market practices.

Furthermore, Peer Estate Finance Pty Ltd has appointed a third party licensed custodian to hold certain assets relating to the loan interests.

Peer Estate, an authorised representative under the Qualitas Securities P/L A.S.F.L. 342242