How do I invest?

Simply register and verify yourself and then pick the investment that suits you. We classify and provide detail on each opportunity so you can pick a location, risk tolerance, investment return and any other feature that suits you.

Then follow the easy steps to invest and transfer your funds.

What is the structure of my investment?

For a copy of the loan participation agreement please click here.  

How does the structure of my investment work? What security do I have?

In simple terms, we are the lender of record and take a mortgage over the property. We then provide investors with participation in the loan via the sub-participation agreement that you agree to and review before investing. This means that investors have the indirect benefit of the lender's rights (i.e. the mortgage security) which secured payments back to the lender. Rights to share in those secured payment flows are passed on to investors by way of this sub-participation. Under the participation agreement, the investor has access to the agreed proportion of the lender's rights, however, does not have any of the obligations of the lender. That is, you rely on us to manage the loan on your behalf whilst retaining the rights to receive the income.

What are the tax implications of investing on the Peer Estate platform?

Please consult your tax advisor regarding your investments.

What precautions does Peer Estate take with my money?

Peer Estate undertakes full due diligence on all loans and, if the loan receives formal approval from our investment committee, we commit to pre-fund that loan before it is presented to prospective investors on the platform.  Every loan is evaluated, tested and presented to an investment committee for formal approval prior to being made available to investors.  All loans are secured either by underlying real estate assets or equity in these assets as well as other security specific to each loan.

Furthermore, Peer Estate Finance Pty Ltd has appointed Perpetual Corporate Trust Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Perpetual Limited (ASX: PPT) as a Custodian to certain of its assets relating to loan interests.  Perpetual has no supervisory role in relation to the operation of these assets and is not responsible for protecting your interests.  Perpetual has no liability or responsibility to you for any act done or omission made in accordance with the terms of the Custody Agreement between Perpetual and Peer Estate Finance Pty Ltd.

Why hasn't this been possible before?

As they say, welcome to the new world! In fact, these kind of investing and borrowing opportunities have been possible before, but you had to know someone who knows someone. And it would rarely happen online in an open marketplace. That would have been too transparent.

How can I structure my investment through the Peer Estate platform?

Peer Estate accepts all kinds of investment structures, so long as you complete the verification process on your account dashboard.  This may be in your personal name or in your Self-Managed Super Fund, Family Trust, Joint Holding, Private company, you name it… you can invest.

Why can't I see all the investment opportunities?

Some investment opportunities will only be shown to those investors who have already verified themselves as accredited Wholesale Investors. Just follow the easy steps on your dashboard to get accredited.

How much can I invest?

Each project has its own minimum and maximum investment. Generally, we will accept investments as low as $5,000.

How do you keep me updated on my investment?

The Peer Estate platform allows us to communicate directly with you and provide you with ongoing communication. We’ll send you project updates and financial statements via email and your dashboard, as well as new opportunities tailored to you.

How and when do you pay me my returns?

Each loan will detail the specific payment terms that applies to that loan (whether ongoing interest payments or deferred payments or another combination).  All payments will be made directly to your nominated bank account.

How long is my investment? Can I sell out early?

Each investment matches the underlying term of each loan.  Since you will be able to choose a specific loan to invest in, you will be able to choose an investment term that suits you.

At this stage, there is no ability to liquidate or sell your investment prior to its maturity.

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