Why should I borrow through Peer Estate?

It’s so simple you’ll wonder why you have been a slave to your bank for this long.

Firstly, we are experts in the field of real estate finance. We aren’t some upstart tech kids looking to build a new unicorn. We are bankers and real estate professionals who have been the industry for decades and know real estate finance. We won’t sell you a credit card and subject you to the bureaucracy of your bank. We’ll just assess your property.

Secondly, we will provide you speed and certainty. Once we assess your transaction, you will know very quickly whether we will be funding it. And if we can, you don’t have to wait for our investors to sign up. We will pre-fund it. Deal done. And most importantly, the whole process is transparent.

But surely you have some loan criteria?

You’re right, we do. The deal has got to make sense. Our decisions are based on our risk analysis and what makes sense for the specific asset. We will undertake thorough analysis and if the transaction is logical and the risks are well mitigated we will approve it.

But do I have to deal with all your investors?

No.  Leave that to us. We are your lender of record. We will manage the loan according to best practice industry standards.

I’m worried about my confidential information. Who can see it?

We will provide investors with information necessary for them to make an informed investment. However, we also realise and respect your confidential information. That means all your personal finance information and other similar information will never be provided online. We will review and approve this as part of our internal approvals process.

We focus our online information on the property only. We are property lenders and the property features and risks are what we will communicate. Most importantly, we are real people. We will always discuss with you your requirements.

How do I introduce transactions to Peer Estate?

Are you a finance broker? This platform is perfect for you. Not only will we pay you for an introduction but we will help you keep the relationship you have developed with your client. Our payment to you will need to be agreed off the platform at this stage. Please contact us for more information.

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