Adam Broder was recently interviewed by Dan Gold for the Long Property podcast.  Click through below to hear Adam discuss topics such as:

  • How Peer Estate is the antithesis of your standard tech start-up
  • The opportunities emerging now that our major banks are exiting markets they were heavily active in only 12/24 months ago
  • What the Peer Estate application process looks like for borrowers, and what the investment process looks like for lenders
  • Peer Estate case studies, including a Port Melbourne development project requiring acquisition/construction finance, and a foreign income applicant seeking a 60% loan to complete an off-the-plan investment purchase
  • How pre-funding on Peer Estate works, and how deals that major banks deliberated on for 6 months can get approved within 5 days
  • Matching investors with certain risk appetites with suitable loans for them to fund
  • How P2P differs from crowdfunding or investing in a mortgage fund; and
  • The benefits Peer Estate has of being backed by the leading real estate investment management firm Qualitas

Click through to Long Property podcast here.